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Blended Tea Co. — a space where all things tea, music, art, culture and lifestyle blend in tune. 


We strive to represent how life fuses many different sensations + feelings to shape our views and create full mind, body and spirit experiences. 


This is an ode to self care:

Blended Tea Co. blossomed as a harmonious combination of passion and appreciation for the cultivation of tea, holistic healing, art and music from the perspective of Blended's Owner, DJ NicNacc. The optimal health and well being of humanity is at the forefront of our values and inspiration. A blend of life experiences has enriched the pallet, vision and taste of our uniquely curated tea blends. Blended Tea Co. chooses an array of loose leaf teas and all natural herbs and botanicals to assist in enhancing the lives of people from all walks of life through plant based benefits.


Growing tea is a meticulous process as is the creation of our hand crafted blends. Tea and music are two things that directly provoke our senses no matter how educated we are on the flavors or sounds we are consuming. Leaving you open to interpretation and creating your own feeling, essentially, our tea blends are art living through flavor. By incorporating elements of sound while you enjoy your tea, we strive to create nurturing and healthy experiences invigorating all of your senses.

No matter your lifestyle, we hope that our blended teas + tisanes can be the center of a

sense of joy and peace over your day.

Whether you’re just starting your day, taking a day off for self-care, winding down for the evening, or sharing a cup with a loved one, each customized loose leaf tea blend is matched with a playlist to selectively match the tone of your setting. We believe that home is rooted in your body and we encourage you to experiment with our blends finding which feels most like home to you. It makes no difference if you are a tea expert or a newbie, the essence of our brand is for you to explore flavors that will represent and cater to who you are. Our hope is that every cup of tea is organic to you and your needs to conquer each day with confidence. 


Cheers to watering yourself and blooming from the inside out. We are so grateful to have you here. 


With love,



CEO + Founder

Blended Tea Co.

Nicole T.

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