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Our Partnership With

Self Love Club

We are proud supporters of Self Love Club, a platform dedicated to mental health + self care. 

Click their logo below to closely explore their work.


A message from the creator – Self Love Club was created to inspire and bring awareness to mental health through self care and holistic practices. SLC creates content that encourages self reflection. I believe healing happens through introspection, from the inside out. Although I am currently pursuing my masters degree in clinical counseling, I am not a mental health profession. However, SLC is a mental health + self care platform used to promote healthy coping skills to combat with mental health– through meditation, reading, nature, art, music, talk therapy, new age philosophy, spirituality, exercise & fitness, nutrition, etc. As we love ourselves we raise our own frequency. This frequency welcomes others to join the journey of self love and fulfillment. This is the only way to contribute to raising the collective consciousness of the world. 💕



Self Love Club 



Our Commitment

Every time you purchase our Self Love Club Blend, 10% of the sale price is donated to support the work of Self Love Club Ohio.

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